Education & Development

Education and Development Page:

Our organization was approved by South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organization focusing on Education and Development. This means that The Gideon Foundation is able to offer Certificates under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of 1962 and Donors can benefit because their donations will be Tax Deductable when they submit their returns.

As a Rotarian, the Chairman is also working with the Rotary Club of Pinetown to assist our beneficiaries with online education especially the Grade 10 , 11 and Grade 12.

This online program offer previous exam papers, videos for Maths and Science because not all Schools are privileged to have Laboratories. We have 6 computers in our offices to assistance them with studies as well as research. We hope these interventions will help improve Matric results as well as preparing them for Tertiary Education.

Benefits to Partners:

Our Partners are welcome to visit our offices as well as attending our quarterly meeting to familiarized themselves with our operation. We are also open to suggestions in order to fitting in with the donors request in terms of the B BBEE Score Card. Companies can benefit by supporting our initiatives through Section 7 of the Score Card focusing on Enterprise Development. We are interested in growing our Facilitators, Assessors as well as Moderators which will give opportunity to new and upcoming educators in different fields. We would like to see our beneficiaries become employed with our organization as well as qualifying for other opportunities in other Public or Private Sector. Our success will be measure by how many beneficiaries are trained and placed in permanent positions.
Certificate can helps donors to receive up to 10% benefit through the reduction of taxable income as well as Income Tax.

Savings Limited:

• 20 percent Donations Tax
• 20 Percent Estate Duty
• 1-14 percent Capital Gains Tax

NB: All donations are limited to R100 000 per year